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Bio Hazard

7/9/2021 (Permalink)

Disinfecting before entering positive COVID 19 area In the medical field there’s a saying “Scrub in and Scrub out” when entering a room. This is how we do it before entering.

COVID-19 preventative

Here at SERVPRO of Centennial Hills we pride ourselves on taking the time to get a service resolved in a professional and timely manner. One of these services includes disinfecting with our own SERVPROXIDE antimicrobial. In the event that a customer calls in with a confirmed COVID-19 case and SERVPRO arrives at the scene, these are the steps to take in order to get the job done...

Step 1: Suit Up

  • SERVPRO team members must put on a full body, protective tyvex suit
  • Tape the seam between gloves and the suit to prevent exposure
  • Wear respiratory and eye protection to avoid possible contamination
  • All SERVPRO members MUST be sprayed and disinfected themselves before entering into the property

Step 2: Gear Up

  • Grab all necessary equipment needed to accomplish the job

(i.e. SERVPROXIDE, Fogging machine, clean towels, extension chords, etc)

Step 3: Disinfect

  • The SERVPRO fogger takes the liquid SERVPROXIDE antimicrobial and disperses it into a very fine mist(fog)
  • Allow the fog to settle for 10-15 minutes before wiping high-touch areas

(I.e keyboards, coffee machines, countertops, cabinets, door handles, etc)

Step 4: Clean Up

  • Once the affected areas have been disinfected and wiped, all SERVPRO team members will go outside to be sprayed and disinfected once more before removing the full body suit
  • After everyone is back in their normal SERVPRO attire, the body suits and gloves are put in biohazard bags to be properly disposed
  • The goggles and respirators are put into a trash bag to be taken back to SERVPRO HQ to be properly disinfected and wiped down themselves

These are all the necessary precautions to get a COVID-19 job done effectively!

Shower door seal failure

6/8/2021 (Permalink)

Mold on drywall from a leaky shower door seal Shower door seal failure

Oftentimes we take things for granted, for instance a shower door seal. Day in and day out we use the shower and don’t realize how something so small can be devastating when it no longer does its job. 

Unfortunately this Las Vegas resident noticed pieces of his shower door seal flapping around every time he opened and closed the shower door. This failure caused warm water to constantly leak into the nearby wall thus causing mold damage to drywall, wood framing, wood trim/baseboards, tile and wood subfloor. The damages were pretty extensive at the cost of a cheap door seal. When you have the chance take 5 minutes of your time, check those shower door seals and any other seals that are installed to prevent water entry into your home or business. If you suspect a leak give SERVPRO of Centennial Hills a call. 702-947-0947. We provide a free water leak and moisture detection inspection. 

Providence Community Event at Huckleberry Park

5/17/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Centennial Hills Employees at Providence Huckleberry park SERVPRO of Centennial Hills at Providence Huckleberry Park Community Event.

Just recently SERVPRO of Centennial Hills became one of the newest business members of the HOA Providence Traditions Benefits program in the Centennial Hills Providence Community. 

It has been really tough this past year to physically reach out to our community during the COVID 19 pandemic especially those who have compromised health risks. 

SERVPRO of Centennial Hills can finally get outside and get to know more about our service area. Communities such as Providence HOA Management was kindly enough to let us participate in their event and will invite us to attend more in the future. SERVPRO is honored to be part of their community events and ready to mingle with the locals and make them aware of what services we have to offer.  Continue to stay VEGAS STRONG!!

Shower/Tub plumbing failure

5/7/2021 (Permalink)

Wet drywall removal from plumbing leak Removing ceiling drywall to start the drying process of wood subfloor.

This Las Vegas customer noticed a large cone shaped object forming on the ceiling inside her home.  SERVPRO of Centennial Hills was called to help assess the problem and figured out she had a plumbing leak from the upstairs shower tub which made it possible for water to get trapped in her ceiling.  SERVPRO was able to follow the water migration to the leaky portion of her plumbing and stop the leak.  

Our team removed all the wet drywall and insulation and started the drying process immediately. After removing the wet drywall the owner was so grateful that moisture was taken away to not promote further problems like mold growth. The sense of relief on the customer's face was very rewarding.

If you see signs of discoloration on your walls and ceilings give SERVPRO of Centennial Hills a call. 

Air Duct and vent cleaning

5/7/2021 (Permalink)

Ducting attached to HVAC return system Ducting & flange vacuuming out HVAC return system.


SERVPRO of Centennial Hills offers air duct and ventilation system cleaning services which will improve your health. We pride ourselves on relieving our customers of their allergies due to pollen, mold spores, and mites through our dust removal process. Our sanitizing process will eliminate smell and odor due to any mold or bacteria that could be in the ducts

Air filters trap some of this airborne debris if you replace your filter when it's dirty, but dust settles in the ductwork. Our team is capable of reaching those hard to get places within the HVAC duct work to Displace heavy amounts of dust buildup. 

SERVPRO of Centennial Hills is equipped with the tools and knowledge to create a cleaner atmosphere in your home or business. Give us a call for a quote. 

Kitchen plumbing failure

5/3/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee using the Hepa Vacuum One of the steps we take when cleaning up mold is to use a Hepa filtered vacuum.

SERVPRO of Centennial Hills got a water loss call from a customer complaining about their kitchen faucet leaking.

When SERVPRO arrived, we empathized with the customer's concerns and quickly jumped into action. Upon closer assessment, further mold damage was noticed.

Originating from a faulty drainpipe in the kitchen sink, leaking water seemed to soak the subfloor of the second floor of this apartment.

Because of the exceedingly high moisture readings, paired with information that the downstairs garage was just below the sink, SERVPRO gained access to the garage and discovered water infiltration into the downstairs garage ceiling.

After the mold was removed in the affected areas, air movers, scrubbers and dehumidifiers were set up in the upstairs kitchen and in the downstairs garage.

With a desiccant dehumidifier placed in the garage as well as the air movers, this task was completed aggressively because the affected areas were targeted from two areas.

Diverse community and entertainment for all ages.

1/14/2021 (Permalink)

Picture of Las Vegas Strip Should water damage your business, call SERVPRO. We offer fast, stress-free restoration services

Many see Las Vegas as the Entertainment Capital of the world and a place of great opportunity.  People of all ages share this space, bringing new ways of thinking and general gentrification to the region that continues to evolve and shape the landscape of businesses, shops, novelty locations, and industries. You can find that you can begin this journey in Las Vegas no matter what you hope to achieve. SERVPRO of Centennial Hills takes great pride in their city even if it takes stopping a toilet flood or graffiti removal.  We take each job serious to help keep our city beautiful and most importantly businesses and residential properties. If you are experiencing a tough situation with a loss give us call so we can be your ally in resolving the loss. 

Detach and Reset

1/14/2021 (Permalink)

Detach and Reset Bathroom carpet removal

Here at SERVPRO of Centennial Hills, we’ve seen it all and we’ve done it all. We got a call from a customer whose toilet had been leaking from the toiler seal and crept into her carpet. SERVPRO was immediately dispatched to the customer’s home. Upon arrival we noticed there was carpet in the bathroom as well as a significant majority of the house that was affected (Typically bathrooms nowadays will usually have tile, vinyl or hardwood flooring instead of carpet). We noticed the toilet was loose with little to no caulking around the base. 

Once the source of loss has been identified, it’s time to get to work! SERVPRO of Centennial Hills fired up the truck mount and began extracting any standing water or water that seeped into the carpet. Next we begin removing the carpet, carpet pad and tack strip. Once all flooring is out, we removed the toilet and noticed an old and damaged wax ring. The next course of action was to immediately replace the wax ring, set the toilet back into place, hook up the water supply line and put a fresh bead of caulking all around the base of the toilet the seal it. 

This loss ended up as a Category 3 due to contaminated water that had been in contact with hazardous waste instead of a fresh water source such as the toilet supply line itself. This just goes to show that the smallest, everyday details most people miss on a daily basis can end up costing the most amount of damage. With our expert team, we were able to remove contaminated materials from the customer’s home, treat the home with SERVPROXIDE for any possibly mold growth, save the subfloor and give the custom peace of mind. 

Water Extraction

1/14/2021 (Permalink)

Water on Wood Flooring Water Extraction

”Help! Help! My house is flooded and there’s water everywhere!” 
“No need to fear, SERVPRO is here!”

Water losses are the most common form of damage found in homes and can be caused by a numerous variety of ways such as a damaged or non-sealed pipe, toilet overflow, cracks in the shower/tub, a leaking kitchen sink, etc. If someone experiences any of these types of water damages, look no further than SERVPRO of Centennial Hills.

SERVPRO of Centennial Hills will come out the same day, shut the water off, if necessary, and begin extracting standing water on property in order to limit the extent of damages. Using our high powered truck mount extractor we can suck up standing water in a matter of minutes, but it doesn’t stop there. 

Once all visible water has been extracted, we start looking for the “not so visible” details like moisture trapped inside of drywall and wooden studs with our penetrating meter. This allows us to get precise readings on the amount of water that was absorbed in the walls and structure of the property. Next we see how high up the walls the water migrated to in order to determine how high and how much of drywall needs to be removed for the drying process to begin. After all saturated materials have been removed, equipment is placed, such as air movers and dehumidifiers, to take moisture out of the air while releasing warm air with movement to ensure the maximum amount of drying is taking place.

The last step is having SERVPRO come back out to the property to conduct daily monitoring of the equipment to ensure everything that needs to be dry is dry and taken care of until we no longer need the equipment on property.

When it Rains it Pours?

1/8/2021 (Permalink)

This picture indicates flood damage following a heavy rain storm and roof leak. Flooding damage to Las Vegas Residents home after a heavy rainstorm.

In the Las Vegas Valley we don’t see a whole lot of The wet stuff falling from the skies! With an average rainfall per year of 4.2 inches we receive less than almost any other location in the Country. As excited as we get when we do get showers, it can tragically wreak havoc on our roads and very dry property.  This is no exception to house roofs in the valley. A heavy downpour in a short period of time can end in near catastrophic water damage inside your home.  At SERVPRO of Centennial Hills we have 24 hours emergency service crews available to respond to any size flood damage whether it be a roof leak or broken pipe. SERVPRO of Centennial Hills will be there to assist you with our fast and always friendly Technicians with the knowledge to handle any situation you may face.  We are standing by 24hrs a day 7days a week. 702-947-0947.