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7/9/2021 (Permalink)

Disinfecting before entering positive COVID 19 area In the medical field there’s a saying “Scrub in and Scrub out” when entering a room. This is how we do it before entering.

COVID-19 preventative

Here at SERVPRO of Centennial Hills we pride ourselves on taking the time to get a service resolved in a professional and timely manner. One of these services includes disinfecting with our own SERVPROXIDE antimicrobial. In the event that a customer calls in with a confirmed COVID-19 case and SERVPRO arrives at the scene, these are the steps to take in order to get the job done...

Step 1: Suit Up

  • SERVPRO team members must put on a full body, protective tyvex suit
  • Tape the seam between gloves and the suit to prevent exposure
  • Wear respiratory and eye protection to avoid possible contamination
  • All SERVPRO members MUST be sprayed and disinfected themselves before entering into the property

Step 2: Gear Up

  • Grab all necessary equipment needed to accomplish the job

(i.e. SERVPROXIDE, Fogging machine, clean towels, extension chords, etc)

Step 3: Disinfect

  • The SERVPRO fogger takes the liquid SERVPROXIDE antimicrobial and disperses it into a very fine mist(fog)
  • Allow the fog to settle for 10-15 minutes before wiping high-touch areas

(I.e keyboards, coffee machines, countertops, cabinets, door handles, etc)

Step 4: Clean Up

  • Once the affected areas have been disinfected and wiped, all SERVPRO team members will go outside to be sprayed and disinfected once more before removing the full body suit
  • After everyone is back in their normal SERVPRO attire, the body suits and gloves are put in biohazard bags to be properly disposed
  • The goggles and respirators are put into a trash bag to be taken back to SERVPRO HQ to be properly disinfected and wiped down themselves

These are all the necessary precautions to get a COVID-19 job done effectively!

Precautionary disinfecting COVID-19 residential or Commercial dwellings

7/14/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO using a Fogging machine to disinfect Providing Precautionary fogging of common areas greatly reduces the spread of viruses.

SERVPRO of Centennial Hills is standing by ready to assist in disinfecting your home or business while ensuring that piece of mind knowing you have a professional ready at your fingertips.

We start out by using a fogging machine and use the disinfectant called SERVPROXIDE and after we fog we let the disinfectant dwell then hand spray all the high traffic touch point areas and wipe down.

SERVPRO of Centennial Hills understands how important confidentiality is to a business or residence and holds the highest standards to customer confidentiality and giving that assurance of “Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned”. If you suspect or confirm exposure remember we are here to provide you with the tools you need to help fight against COVID-19 or any type of biohazard.