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It came from above...

8/6/2020 (Permalink)

Air Movers and Dehumidifiers Air Movers and Dehumidifiers working together to create a dryer environment

In life we take things for granted for example garages. We come home, park the car in the garage and head right inside the house day in and day out not taking time toglance around the garage. It is very important to take the time to look around all areas of your home including the garage and look for signs of change that do not seem right for example paint discoloration or that familiar term everyone uses “COFFEE STAINING” brownish look on walls and ceiling.If you happen to see this at your residence or commercial properties, the smart thing to do is call us immediately so we can test for moisture and find where the problem is coming from and prevent secondary damage of mold growth.

The picture shows air movers, dehumidifiers and ducting to pump hot dry air to the affected area to help speed up the drying process of materials.

When we arrived, we noticed brown staining on the surface of the ceiling and heavy amounts of moisture as well and once we opened up the ceiling we noticed a plumbing leak and excessive amounts of mold present. Since then the garage was treated for mold and put back "Like it never even happened."

When water meets wood...

8/4/2020 (Permalink)

Rescue mat water extraction system Rescue mat extraction in action!

When water happens to meet wood flooring, time is critical. SERVPRO of Centennial Hills received a call about a water loss emergency involving a reverse osmosis water purification system. When SERVPRO arrived at the emergency, it was time for immediate water extraction and assessment for any possible secondary damage. During the water extraction process, we knew that the flooring was actual hard wood so we had little time before cupping would occur. After extracting with the Hand Wand extractor, we were still getting high moisture readings under the surface of the flooring and realized we needed to take further action in order to save the flooring.

The picture shows the Rescue mat extraction system in action along with other equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers. We put the Rescue mat extraction system to the test; extracting the water from underneath the flooring while holding pressure on the flooring in order to prevent the cupping affect. After a few days of constant monitoring and equipment adjustments, SERVPRO of Centennial Hills succeeded in saving these homeowners beloved hard wood floors.

Roof leak

6/8/2020 (Permalink)

PAINT BUBBLE Trapped rainwater in the ceiling.

After a heavy rain storm in Las Vegas a customer noticed a large cone shaped object forming on the ceiling inside her home.  SERVPRO of Centennial Hills was called to help assess the problem and figured out she had a roof leak that made it possible for rainwater to get inside and pool in her ceiling.  SERVPRO was able to follow the water migration to the leaky portion of her roof to get it repaired.  SERVPRO was able to follow the water migration to the leaky portion of her roof to get it repaired.  

SERVPRO removed all the wet drywall and insulation and started the drying process immediately. After removing the wet drywall the owner was so grateful that moisture was taken away to not promote further problems like mold growth. The sense of relief on the customer's face was very rewarding.