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Pre-staging air movers and Equipment for water loss

Pre-staging for a water loss

This Las Vegas restaurant experienced a minor water loss which could’ve turned out to be really bad. They called SERVPRO of Centennial Hills to come out and assess the water loss and get it fixed ”Like it never even happened.”

Water migration line of destruction

Example of a water migration line

The photo shows what is called a “Water Migration” line which helps SERVPRO of Centennial Hills Las Vegas assess where and which way the water is flowing thus letting us know what materials are affected.

Air mover and Dehumidifier drying wood bar

Preservation of highly valuable wood bar materials

This photo is describing how valuable SERVPRO of Centennial Hills equipment is on getting highly valuable materials dry to minimize damage. 

Loading up the van for the next Call.


One of the key successes in an emergency response team is “READINESS”. SERVPRO of Centennial Hills ensures that preparedness for the unimaginable takes precedence over anything. Our skilled technicians pride themselves on readying their equipment in the event of a flood, fire, mold and bio cleanup.  

Disinfecting kitchen counter

Disinfecting wipe down!

No matter who, what, when and where viral pathogens can affect anyone’s life. During these unprecedented times SERVPRO of Centennial Hills has experienced many disinfecting jobs to the highest standards of safety. It all starts with informing the client the type of disinfectant we are using ensuring that they have complete awareness of what we are using to disinfect. Next, we ensure that our team has the personal protective gear needed for their protection. Finally, we ensure client confidentiality. 

Big Smiles from male employee of SERVPRO

Big smiles!

When a good team and drying plan is in place it puts a smile on everyone’s face.

In this picture it shows a perfect example of what we bring to our customers and that is a warm smile and state of the art equipment to get the job done right. What we do is hard work which our team at SERVPRO of Centennial Hills looks forward to and the self-satisfaction for achieving a smile from the customer.

Water heater leak

Water heater leak

Water heaters are an everyday luxury we take for granted in our home, so it is especially important to ensure to visually check it periodically for signs of wear and tear. As time goes by aging occurs causing the water heater parts to crack and leak, thus causing further damage to the box it stands on and becoming weak.

The picture shows a worn-out water heater and support box heavily damaged from water leakage and not to mention mold growth. If you are noticing this happening to you, please do not hesitate to give SERVPRO of Centennial Hills a call so we can fix the problem.

SERVPRO Employee disinfecting

Disinfecting a commercial business

SERVPRO of Centennial Hills was called out to help provide a precautionary disinfection of a local Las Vegas business.  SERVPRO completed the task within a couple of hours and boosted the confidence and piece of mind for the employees who work there. SERVPRO of Centennial Hills is ready to Disinfect any business or residence even if it is just precautionary. 

SERVPRO of Centennial Hills employee with van


Hello everyone! SERVPRO of Centennial Hills is here servicing the following areas Centennial Hills, Indian Springs, Mt. Charleston, Summerlin, Red Rock, Bonnie Springs and Blue Diamond. If you are experiencing Fire, Mold, Water loss or need disinfecting on a Commercial or Residential property we are ready to serve you.  SERVPRO of Centennial Hills brings with them on the job confidence, assurance and knowledge while regarding to the customers needs and concerns. There is not a job too big or small for us to tackle. Our technicians are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ready to make it “Like it never even happened. “.

Burnt down shed

Backyard tool shed fire

Unfortunately this is what happens when a fire pit isn’t fully extinguished and left unattended. Fortunately nobody was injured just feelings hurt and a few tools lost that can be replaced.